Monday, May 10, 2010

Culture Initiative May 15th Charlotte.. come out to this

For those of you who haven't heard of us, we represent a local arts advocacy organization called Culture Initiative (CI). CI was started over a year ago to establish a valuable and accessible art community in Charlotte, NC, in order to inspire artists and supply a necessary platform for them to showcase their work. Since our inception we have hosted a wide range of arts & music events around the city, working with over hundred local visual artists.

Our most dynamic event is in the works. It is to be held at the Neighborhood Theatre in NODA on May 15th 2010 with about 60 of the best visual artists we have worked with along with several bands and performing acts.

The event is titled The Extraordinary & the Something Sideshow: a 10-in-1 arts & music showcase extravaganza, will boast 10 exciting exhibits the likes the NODA community has never experienced. We are also very proud to announce that this event is part of the 10 day long Southern Holiday Festival, were several arts organizations in and around the city will be hosting Arts events to celebrate culture in our great city.


"Rock the Top"
hosted by Neighborhood Theatre

Featured Artist:
John Hairston Jr. aka Jago13

Event dj:
Dirty Drummer aka Coul Wood

The Restoration -
Josh Phillips Folk Festival Trio -
The Lions Rampant -
Public Radio -

hosted by Highland Mills Lofts, Cmn Mkt, Amelies French Bakery,
24 hr Artist Lock-in Collaboration

Hayley Lakeman
Nick Bloomberg
Brandon Willett
John Hairston Jr
Robert Page
Jon Wald
Carlleena Person
Scott Partridge
Sharon Dowell
Bart Cusick

Side stage Installation by Aspyr

Featured Artist:
Alexandra Rocchio

Elizabeth Tolley

Jessica Vilanova
Anastasia Balobanova

"From There 2 Here"
hosted by Kulture Klash
We proudly welcome our Southern Affiliate to Charlotte, along with a group of their prominent Festival Artist.

trever webster
scott debus
jarod charzewski
anson cyr
ben timpson
karen myers

"Freaky Animal"
hosted by Fu's Tattoo
Paying tribute to Freak Show Deformed Animals of old.

Kat Sweet
John Pundt
Julio Cotto
Bridget Scheide
Justin Greendberg
Erich Moffitt
Patrick Harris
David Banemanivong
Joey Vernon
Jeremy Russell
Bridgit Wyant
Kelly Keith
Julio the Mexican
Sam Moody
Oscar Arango
Jen Clay

"Skate n' Paint"
hosted by Blk Shp Mkt
Bringing art to the skate deck.

Infamous JeanClaude
Bart Cusick
Robert Jenkins
Eric Hurtgen
Joe Dobson
Reid Bramhall
Kevin Markie aka Turbo
Tom "Ugly" Michael
Marisa Cohen
William Trausch
Luther Montrose
Antoine Williams
Stephen Barrett
Jeremy Thompson

hosted by For Your Cure & Cheap Joe's Art Supply
located @ Sanctuary
15 artist step up and donate their time and talents to help raise money for Culture Initiatives newest affiliate, non-profit organization For Your Cure.

Carlleena Person
Aly Perez
Tara Volpe
Lucinda Shelton
Melanie Sherwood
Anna Taylor
Oliver Lewis
Patrick Harris
Robert Jenkins
Kat Sweet
Desta Stutts
Jill Thompson
Erich Moffitt
John Hairston Jr.
Paige Ramsey/Sam Moody

"Southern Comfort"
hosted by Ryan Charles Photography
set design by Sarah Catherine Studio of Design
Interactive photoshoot that allows you to step into the living room of a Carnie, and take home a memento your Grandchildren will want to know WTF.

"1 on 1"
hosted by
a Q&A session with artist, venue, and staff about the Charlotte Arts scene and how things are changing for the better.

Featured artist:
Scott Partridge

hosted by Culture Initiative
A group of our fave Artist will be paint live to give insight on how they approach the canvas.
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