Tuesday, October 13, 2009

8 hour train hunt covering Southeast N.C.

Sunday a friend and I hit the road in search of the holy grail of train spots. Just like several previous attempts this one came up a bit short. Eight hours, eights cities/towns, not much to brag about. Had a good time saw a lot of the state I had never seen before but the layups sure did look better from satellite imaging. A lot of dead lines. Live and learn I guess. Some new red x's on the map of possibilities but a feeling of accomplishment based on the effort we put forth. You know what I mean? Ask me if there are any layups in Red Springs NC and I can confidently say no. Same goes for Lillington, Raeford, Lumberton and several more but knowing they have been explored from a benching perspective lets me move on to the next adventure.
We did take a few flicks. Not much graff but something nonetheless.
Looking to set sail again soon, stay tuned for highlights.

Not all bad...

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